Our Mission:

Helping you navigate
and enjoy the digital world

Communications Solutions:  Budget-friendly  •  Easy to use  •  Effective

Based in Central Oklahoma, NetRoutes specializes in low-budget projects for non-profits, community groups, political candidates, entrepreneurs and artists.

Most of our sites are built with open source software, primarily WordPress and Drupal. Because of the flexibility of these content management systems, they can be used for a three-page static site for a small business, or for the interactive community portal of a civic organization. Thanks to the availability of a huge library of free or low-cost themes, along with our personalized style customizations, an easy to use, professional looking website can be created for a fraction of the cost of a custom coded one — and you aren’t at the mercy of an expensive webmaster who won’t tell you the easy way to manage your own site!

Please see our Services page for more details about what we can offer you in web and print communications.

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